SWOC Events Results

8th June 2019 Storey Arms Local
Cardiff Park Series 3 Roath Park 6th June 2019
Cardiff Park Series 2 Bute Park 22nd May 2019
19th May 2019 Sugar Loaf Local Event
8th May, Cardiff Park Series 1 Heath Pk
14th April Cwm Lickey Welsh League
23rd March 2019 Sugar loaf local event
20th March 2019 Canton Street Event
24th Feb 2019 Draethen Local
20th Feb 2019 Thornhill Street Event
26th Jan 2019 Caerphilly Mountain
16/01/2019 Rogerstone Street Score
Sat 29th Dec Christmas Special - Wenallt, Cardiff
19th Dec Whitchurch Street Event
8th Dec 2018 Tyn y Coed Local Event
21st Nov 2018 Llandaf North Score
17th Oct 2018 Radyr Score
17th Nov 2018 Gwaelod y Garth Local Event
27th Oct 2018 Llantrisant Forest Local Event
29/30th Sept 2018 VHI Weekend
18th July, Cardiff Park Series 6 Cosmeston
9th May, Cardiff Park Series 1 Heath Pk
20th June, Cardiff Park Series 4 Bute Pk
13th June 2018 Blorenge Sore
6th June, Cardiff Park Series 3 Poath Pk
23rd May, Cardiff Park Series 2- Porthkerry Park
14th April, Sugar Loaf, Abergavenny, Saturday Local Event
28th March Llandff Nth Evening Score
25th March, Margam North Welsh League
22nd Feb 2018 - Thornhill Evening Score
24th Feb British Night Championships
20th Jan 2018 - Draethen Local Event
17th Jan 2018 - Newport Evening Street Event
28/12/2017 Cosmeston Xmas Score
21/12/2017 Whitchurch Street Event
16/12/2017 Llantrisant Local Event
26/11/2017 Castell Coch Welsh League Results
15th Nov 2017 Roath Street Event
21st Oct 2017 Caerphilly Common Local
18th Oct 2017 Radyr Street Event
16th Sept 2017 Park Penallta Results
19th July Pontcanna Park Results
12h July 2017 Storey Arms Score
5th July 2017 Park Series 5 Bute Park.
29th June 2017 Score on the Moor 2 - Llangattock
21st June 2017 Heath Pk CPS4
7th June 2017 Victoria Pk CPS3
24th May 2017 Pontcanna CPS2
17th May 2017 Score in the Moor 1 - Sugar loaf
10th May 2017 Roath Park
23rd April 2017 Kingswood
22nd March 2017 Pontprennau Evening Street Score
21st Dec 2016 Thornhill Street Score
12th March 2017 Cwm Lickey Compassport
15th Feb 20175 Radyr Street Score
11th Feb 2017 Llangattock Local
14th Jan 2017 Draethen Local
19th Oct 2016 Abergavenny Street Event
27th Dec 2016 Xmas Score
18th Jan 2017 Whitchurch Street Score
11th Dec, 2016, Castell Coch, Cardiff
5th Nov 2016 Gwaelod y Garth Local Event
16th Nov 2016 Danescourt Evening Street Score
8th Oct, Sat , Llangattock Local Event
17th Aug 2016 Pwll Du
27th July Bute Park Results
17th July Thompson Park Results
6th July 2016 Cosmeston Local Event
29th June, Wed, Roath Park Results
22nd June, Wed, Bute Park Results
15th June Storey Arms Evening Score
2015/6 Winter Street League Results
1/6/2016 Park Series 2, Victoria Park
21/5/2016 Park Series 1, Roath Pk
6/4/16 Pentwyn Evening Score
14/3/2016 Penarth Street Event
5/6th March, Welsh Championship Weekend
20th Feb 2016 Park Penallta Local Event
17th Feb 2016 Newport Street Event
30th Jan 2016 WNL, Gwaelod y Garth
30th Jan 2016 Local Event, Gwaelod y Garth
20/01/2016 Whitchurch Street Score Results
27th Dec 2015 Xmas Score, Tredegar park
9/12/2015 Llandaff North Street Score Results
Caerphilly Mountain Event 06/12/2015
18/11/2015 Thornhill Street Score Results
7th Nov 2015 Local Event, Castell Coch
21/10/2015 Radyr Street Score
Llantrisant Forest Local Event 10/10/2015
13th Sept 2015 Llangynidr Welsh League
12th Aug 2015 Pwll Du Score
11th July 2015 Llangatock Score
13th June 2015 Mynydd y Gaer Local Score Event
15th April 2015 Thornhill Street Event
21st Mar 2015 Gaer Fort - Newport
18th Mar 2015 Urban Night Race 6 - Newport
7th March 2015 Pwll Du Western Night League
22nd Feb 2015 Draethen Welsh League
19th Feb 2015 Urban Night Race 5 - Roath
14th Jan 2015 Urban Night Race 4 - Rhiwbina
4th Jan 2015 SWOC 40th Anniversary Atlantic College
17th Dec 2014 Urban Night Race 3 - Whitchurch
28th Dec Xmas Score - Cosmeston Penarth
13th Dec 2014 Wentwood Local Event
19th Nov 2014 Urban Night Race 2 - Radyr
15th Nov 2014 Coed y Wenallt Local Event
22nd Oct Urban Night Race 1 - Crickhowell
04/10/14 - Welsh League - Pwll Du
20th Oct 2014 Castell Coch Local Event
10th Sept 2014 Porthkerry local
16th Aug 2014 - Mynydd y gaer local Event
9th July 2014 Cosmeston Evening Score
28th June 2014 Draethen Local
19th June 2014 Mynydd Llagatwg Evening Local
14th May Cwm Lickey Evening Event
16th April Pre-JK Clydach Evening Event
10th April Caerphilly Mountain Evening Local
12th March 2014 Caerwent Army Event
19th March 2014 Thornhill Street Event
12th Feb 2014 Rhiwbina Street Event
9th Feb 2014 Welsh League Kingswood
19/01/2013 Parc Cwm Darren Local Event
Penylan Evening Street Event 14th Jan 2014
28/12/2013 Porthkerry Xmas Score Results
14th Dec 2013 - Mynydd y gaer local Event
10th Dec 2013 - Llandaff North Evening Street Event
14th Nov 2013 Canton Street Event
9th Nov 2013 Coed y Wenallt Local Event
19th Oct 2013 Castell Coch Local Event
16th Oct 2013 Radyr Street Event
22nd Sept 2013, Welsh League Lantrisant
15/9/13 Clydach Score
JHI S Wales 2013
21st July 2013 - Parc Penallta
03 July 2013 - Blorenge Midweek Evening Event
19th June 2013 - Llangattock Midweek Evening Event
18th May 2013 - Coed Cefn -Pwll-Du, Draethen
13th May Storey Arms Evening Score
20th April, 2013, Pontypool Park Local Event
10th April 2013 Danescourt Street Event
6th April, 2013, Porthkerry Local Event
24th March 2013, Wentwood Local Event
13th March 2013 Canton Street Event
24th Feb 2013, Welsh League Cwm Lickey
20/02/13 Penarth Street Event
16/1/2013 Thornhill Street Event
30/12/2012 Xmas Score Results
12/12/2012 Whitchurch Street Event
01/12/2012 Parc Cwm Darren Local Event
14/11/2012 Newport Street Event
10/11/2012 Wenallt Local Event
24/10/12 Roath Street Score
13/10/12 Castell Coch Local Event
29/09/12 Draethen Local Event
26/09/12 Radyr Street Score
Pontypool Park Local Event
13th June 2012, Blorenge, Blaenavon, Summer Evening Event
27th June 2012 Draethen evening score(updated)
18/19th May 2012 Parc Penallta Results - Splits added
21st April, Rougemont School, Newport, Summer Event.
Cardiff Bay Street League 14 March 2012
3/3/12 Welsh Championship Weekend
01/02/2012 Risca Street Score
11 January 2012 Canton Street Score
27/12/11 Xmas Score Pontcanna
21/12/11 Newport Street Score
10th Dec Wenallt Local & WNL
30/11/11 Whitchurch Street Score
8/11/11 Radyr Street Score
SHI 22-23 Oct 2011
12 October 2011 Roath Street Event
Sat 20th Sept 2011 - Results for Llandaff Fields score
13 Aug 2011 Parc Penallta Results
27/7/2011 - Results Summer Event 6 - Mynydd y Gaer
13/7/2011 - Results Summer Event 5 - Mynydd Llangatwg
29 June 11 - Caldicot Summer Event Results
22 June 2011 - Blorenge event - Results Summer Event
4 May 11 - Cosmeston Summer Event
Penarth Street Event Results
27 March 11 - Cwm Lickey Results
15/2/11 Street Event 6, Roath
22/1/2011 Wentwood Forest,nr Newport.
28/12/2010 St. Julian's Local Event, Newport.
15/12/2010 - Night Street Event 4 - Llandaff
6/11/2010 Trial Challenge + Caerphilly Woods
24/10/2010 - Mynydd Llangynidyr
22/09/2010 Street Event 1 - Radyr
04/09/2010 Summer Evening Event 8 - Heath Park Results